Any functional scrobbler available?

Hi there. I use the following music programmes on my system:

  • SicMu Player
  • Metro
  • Tidal

I would like to scrobble the tracks I listen to I tried a few programmes (Scrobble Driod, Simple Scrobbler, etc) but none is able to do so. Is there any functional scrobbler currently in repository?

Thank you.

Simple Scrobbler works fine for me scrobbling to
I went to the device with Metro installed (rarely play music on that one). Played several songs and they showed up at the site.

Did you allow scrobbling for the listed apps? SS will detect your apps but the user has to explicitly allow scrobbling. Otherwise every detected app, including browsers, would be handled. 21 apps are listed in SS on one of my devices.

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I re-installed Simple Scrobbler. Started playing something with SicMuPlayer but the apps list remains empty.

Confirmed. Installed SicMu on two devices, enabled scrobbling in the app. After playing half-a-dozen songs, the app never showed up in Simple Scrobbler, not even as a “Notification Default”.

I know that Metro works, for me anyway. Tidal is that streaming app, right? Hmm, normally I wouldn’t use that but probably will for testing.

Sadly, Simple Scrobbler is no longer maintained and its GitHub is read-only. At least as far as user comments are concerned.
See this announcement…
Issue # 597 (NOTICE of Deprecation unless a good developer wishes to undertake this project) at simple-last-fm-scrobbler/sls

The dev mentions an app called pScrobbler which is linked in the announcement. Have yet to check it out.

Regarding pScrobbler, although it woks with services other than LastFM, one cannot get into or use the app without first logging into LastFM. Noted in the README but I didn’t catch that until after seeing an issue for the behavior.

Issue # 217 (App useless if you don’t have account) at kawaiiDango/pScrobbler

For me it gets filed under the never-to-install list. Unless changed, ofc.

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