Antivirus without app store?

Hi all, I recently cut all ties with big tech and am now using the /e/ OS - is it possible (or worth it) to install mobile phone antivirus without the use of app stores?
Any help/guidance appreciated :wink:

There is LibreAV and Hypatia from DivestOS.
Not so much worth it, it depends on what you do.


Cheers, its just general protection tbh. I avoid using the phone for anything sensitive

cut all ties with big tech and am now using the /e/ OS

Warning: \e/ ROM makes it too easy to install apps that reconnect you with big tech.

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a rash of new accounts at F-droid forum mentioning that ROM? Assuming good faith and all…

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I took a look on their webpage, not mention F-Droid at all. :thinking:
Probably admins should consider editing all unnecessary mentions to lucrative OS projects.

How to install Hypatia? I can’t find the repository. Thank you.
Edit: I found the repo adress…

I took a look on their webpage, not mention F-Droid at all. :thinking:

If you site search, they do mention in FAQs how they take advantage of F-droid’s store as a source of apps, but it’s not exactly highlighted or given much credit or thanks.

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As a self confessed noob, I bought the phone with it already installed so I didn’t have the hassle.

I get that some people find it super simple to play around with this tech but its mostly beyond the majority of your typical phone user.

As a rule, when I check the /e/ app store, if anything has trackers it doesn’t get installed anyway.

Also, if you are experiencing an infux of users, I’d imagine its likely that people are gradually waking up and realising how much they are being watched and data raped.

More like a few to a handful so far.

Call me suspicious, but astroturfing with sockpuppet user accounts is another possibility, and consistent with e’s style.

bought the phone

Oh well, money down the drain. When you’re ready to install a good ROM, do ask for help. :wink:

Nice lol. I do remember the good old days of tight knit forum communities :slight_smile:
Hopefully this rough introductory embrace will smooth out in time :wink:

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