Antivirus for apk

Yop guys,

I found this antivirus site to scan files:

It uses signatures of a lot of other antivirus tools and recognizes APK files :slight_smile:

If you have other good sites like this one, please share.

APKs are scanned there: :wink:


I was wondering why the only anti-virus in Fdroid, doesn’t seem to work at all (Checkey)

I guess you are supposed to get all your apps from trusted source (FDroid) and then you know… :slight_smile:

Both samples on Greenify:

Canadian “deep exhaustive” ImmuniWeb

Chinese “edu full” SandDroid

@hans @Izzy also found “just another” python scanner engine on github :

QARK looks interesting, has anyone tried it? That would be nice to have
in the RFP and fdroiddata issue bots.

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