Anti-features question

Will downloading (after app install)some data from ‘Github’ treated as anti-features for Apps? if yes, then suggest me an alternatives.

It probably depends. What app are we talking about there?

I am developing an OCR app based on Tesseract 4. For training, It will download the Data from tess data, tess_best and tess_fast

  • Will downloading data from this source marked as Anti-feature?.
  • This app is also downloading the Tesseract training data but from Sourceforge and not having the Anti-feature

I can think of it possibly having the NonFreeNet anti-feature, since it technically downloads data from GitHub, which (ironically) isn’t open source.

That said, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Even the wiki article about it says that it’s a problematic term because it’s vague.

We should really clarify what these anti-features are so that the user can make a more informed calculation on whether or not they should install a particular app.

In your particular case, you can argue that a similar app (OCRTest) which you’ve mentioned likewise downloads data from non-free Sourceforge, so I’d say precedence is on your side on this one.

I’d say not, open an issue if said metadata is… ummm…incomplete.

I’d say still go for it and not worry too much about it. Getting NonFreeNet isn’t that big of a deal as long as you explain what it’s about.

Many of the most popular apps on F-Droid are NonFreeNet, NonFreeAdd, and even Tracking (e.g. Fennec).

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