Another launcher query

I’m looking for a “minimal” launcher, but minimal in a specific way. I don’t mind icons, but I want to minimize gestures needed for configuration and operation. There are multiple reasons:

  • The home screen functionality on my device seems to be buggy, losing the configured layout configuration, ie. icons I have dragged into the home screen disappear some time later with no reason. I noticed this now with multiple different launcher apps so it is not a bug in them, unless the same code is copied into all.
  • Ergonomics, giving a break to my poor old hands.
  • Gestures, especially dragging, mean skin fat on the screen.

So, what I would like is a launcher that puts all app icons on the home screen by default. I have few enough installed and the screen is large enough that this is easily possible. Does such a thing exist?


get KISS :wink:

KISS would not have been my first suggestion, since it is quite seach-based and @nobrowser quite specifically asked for a “wall of icons”, I think.

KISS might be configured to fit that need. But at first glance I didn’t see how.

KISS does add icons for the apps I actually use, which may be good enough. Giving it a try.

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it is not, you can even hide the input field…

KISS seems to have no landscape mode?

Actually the problems I encountered with the default launcher seemed to be most easily triggered by changing the orientation, so it kind of makes sense that KISS is more stable … it just ignores the orientation change altogether? Or can it be configured?


It has a setting for “force portrait” but… if you don’t toggle that, it will follow your system setting

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