AndroidManifest.xml (fdroid, metadata, programming, help wanted)

Hej there.

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask, if not please point me to a better suited one.

I am trying to develop some (Python) scripts around the Fdroid Metadata on GitLab to collect some information about the available apps. The scripts aim to help icon pack developers to have data about an app like app name, icon, activity name. There is an half working and abandoned project with pure shell scripts wich inspired this.
So the steps are

  1. get app.yml from gitlab/fdroid/metadata
  2. check for repo type and location to get AndroidManifest.xml
  3. parse file from step 2)

Steps 1&2 works ok so far for GitHub hosted repos. From there I use the GitHub api to locate files in the Repo.
But the fields in the dictionary I get from pythons xmltodict make me headache.

Is there someone with interests in such a project? And would like to help or give hints?

The app Turtl can parse apps and email the relevant info, so maybe you could look at its source code for some hints?

Here are instructions on how to do it with Turtl manually:

I know it’s not a fix, but hopefully an useful pointer :slight_smile:

Thanks for your hint to turtl.

The scope of turtl is to give the user a way to handover the needed information to the developer to create an icon.
The scope of my idea is to give a repository with all of fdroids available apps and the needed information to create an icon. Purely relying on fdroids repository and the apps source code.

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