AndroidApp Inclusion Stuck - Shared Library Issue

Hello, I am building an app but getting an issue

WARNING: Found possible binary at app/src/main/assets/snowboy/alexa_02092017.umdl
WARNING: Found possible binary at app/src/main/assets/snowboy/common.res
ERROR: Found shared library at app/src/main/jniLibs/arm64-v8a/
ERROR: Found shared library at app/src/main/jniLibs/armeabi-v7a/
INFO: Removing gradle-wrapper.jar at gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.jar
ERROR: Could not build app ai.susi: Can’t build due to 3 errors while scanning
INFO: Finished
INFO: 1 build failed

I have used an Open Source Library, called Snowboy for Hotword detection and the files are pre-build files build using SWIG…
More details at
These two .so files are causing issue.
Please help.

Suggest me some alternative, if this can’t be resolved

Prebuild files are not accepted, you need to build those too before you build the app…

Can u help me more about that, the prebuild libraries are build by SWIG in Snowboy and the wrappers of C, C++ files are not present or I am unable to found that.

Hope that others can chime in with a solution. :man_shrugging:

Try at IRC channel…

Did that, no replies!

The README you linked contains instructions how to build the native libraries. Put them into the build recipe.

@relan, Please clarify more to it. That would be great.

@relan, It uses swig in MacOS and then it built the native libraries, how to do that for f-droid build?

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