Android Wear support


Currently the only ways to install apps on Android Wear 1.5 are:

  • From the phone’s Play Store
  • Sideload the app with ADB (works with any app, not only the ones that have Wear metadata)

So I thought having F-Droid would be nice since my watch can use wifi.
The F-Droid app works pretty correctly (with a cramped UI of course), but when I try to install an app I get a system error saying that app install is not available on Android Wear.


Do you know if this is a hard limit from Android Wear or if there could be a way to make F-Droid work (maybe on a rooted watch?).

IMHO if adb can install then we can make F-Droid do that :wink:
I’d look into /system structure and install Private Extension via root.
Then try.

The apps have to be compatible with Android wear.

I’m not sure. Since any app installed with adb can be launched correctly, I’m guessing the Android Wear metadata is only used by the Play Store. (I think it’s the same thing on Android TV.)

My guess is that the API used by F-Droid to install the apps is disabled on Android Wear.

For the TV you have to use some methods to be fully compatible. // on swear
you have the layouts