Android SDK build-tools 31.0.0 can’t be installed?

I want to upgrade the Mill game app to API 31 targetSdkVersion.

I have added the installation of JDK 11 as follows:

But the build still fails.

The error is as follows:

[        ]    > Could not create task ':app:minifyFdroidReleaseWithR8'.
[   +1 ms]       > Failed to find Platform SDK with path: platforms;android-31

I see in this post below:

@linsui asked a question: But it seems build-tools;31.0.0 can’t be installed?

But no one replied. Is there a maintainer working on this issue now?

It’s a CI bug. It works in the build server.

Do you mean there is a bug or no bug? “works” or “doesn’t work”?

Is the current solution only to fall back to API Level 30?


The build server works well.

I gave up, I modified the code to remove Android 12. See:

@calcitem What @linsui is saying is that it doesn’t work on GitLab CI, but it does work on the actual build server that is used to build app updates and publish them to users.

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