seems to be down

I was interested in trying Beuc’s EULA-free rebuilds of the Android SDK, but I can’t access it seems that the DNS record is gone. @Beuc What is the status? If you’ve intentionally shut down the project, it might reduce confusion if you at least start the web server running again with a message to that effect (even if it no longer hosts the actual files), since there are many links to the server from around the web. Thanks!

(I realize the F-Droid forum may not be the ideal place for this topic, but it was the best one I could come up with, given that the previous thread was here.)

It seems android-rebuilds dot beuc dot net was a redirect to gitlab. See*/ and

Edit: Some background:

I did find, but I was looking for the nice documentation that was previously visible at It looks like the documentation source code is in, but that repository doesn’t have GitLab Pages set up, so the only way to view the documentation is to clone the repository and open index.shtml in a browser locally: not great, but it might get me what I need. (Maybe I should have looked harder before asking the question; in any event, I hope people will be able to find the information here now.) I filed an issue asking to make this better; we’ll see if anything happens. Thanks.

You could also look at older versions of the site at archive.

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