Android Phone app with Wildcard blocking and HANGUP to not send to voicemail

I just installed NoPhoneSpam to block a robot caller who calls me 27 times every day from 737-271-#### where it varies the last 4 digits each time.

I need the option to just HANGUP on them. I do NOT want anybody I block to be able to fill up my voicemail.

Developers, how hard can it be to hangup a phone? It would be very useful and popular.

Any good app ideas?

In order to hangup without going to voicemail you’d first have to pickup.
Don’t quote me, but it is my understanding that some of these spam calls are routed through regions where the infrastructure carries extremely high processing fees (eg. towers in remote regions), so the spammers make a ton of calls on behalf of the local operator and hope to get answered. When answered they can then bill the other carriers in the chain or something in order to profit.

“In order to hangup without going to voicemail you’d first have to pickup.”

If you pickup, that totally defeats the feature of an APP blocking a call because you are answering the call. I need an APP to HANGUP, not me.

And, they can hear birds chirping or you printer printing in the background and they can sell the number as an ANSWERED NUMBER.

Thank you but this is not a solution.

Please re-read what I said.
If you HANGUP without first PICKING up, it will go to voicemail.
That is what voicemail is.

Only way to not route to voicemail is to first PICKUP then HANGUP.

That is the answer to your question why no apps do this.

Here is the Logic I want. Is it even possible at the phone level or will t-mobile have to do it?
If (call.number.match “737-271-####”) {
# Do NOT ANSWER, connect or accept
# Do NOT Send to Voice
# TERMINATE CALL. Do not even ring.

Is there any way to forward the call to the “I’m sorry, you have reached a number which has been disconnected. Please check your number and try again” message?

a robot caller who calls me 27 times every day from 737-271-####

Contact your carrier about this issue.

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“Contact your carrier”?
I did call t-mobile and reported the illegal robo-calling. I verified that I am on the Federal do-not-call list.

t-mobile does provide call blocking. It goes DIRECTLY TO VOICEMAIL.
And, I would have to block all 1000 numbers. Not practical.

Please call t-mobile and ask for Hellen Wait.

There are some VoIP carriers ( and probably others) who let you set this up in their web portal with only a couple radio buttons to click, then enter the phone number and voila, no more nuisance calls from those numbers. Look for the option “Call Treatments”.

However if t-mobile does not offer this, then you might be stuck…

"t-mobile does not offer this, then you might be stuck… <<

I would change carriers over this in a heartbeat! And I have a rooted, unlocked phone.

I am using the NoPhoneSpam app on F-droid and it supports wildcard call number filtering (1-737-271-#### to block all 10,000 line numbers at country=1, area_code=737 and prefix=271). And this particular scammer doesn’t leave a voicemail.

It still gives a momentary ring, shows the call alert and raises an event to swipe away. It would be nice to have features to just log with no alert/event or even completely ignore as I can still see the number and time on my t-mobile log file.

Thanks for the CallCentric tip. They offer Redirection to an error message or a specific number. I wonder if redirecting spammers to 888-CALL-FCC would get the feds mad at me. :slight_smile:

And they give you a SpamProbabilityRating from TrueCNam. I contacted them to inquire about the need for wildcard support in number blocking.

Thanks for the pointer!

Happy to help:-)

Just a note, if you do redirect those calls to FCC, the minutes for that get billed according to whatever outgoing plan you chose…

Also, they are a VoIP service, and that is a different animal than cellphone service. If that floats your boat, cool! I was mostly trying to illustrate by example that if a carrier chooses to offer this service, it would be done server side rather than by an app.

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