Android 13 experienced?

Just been offered the update, any known special problems with F-Droid Apps? I know Termux is doomed sooner or later… does it still work?


Termux is doomed? Got any links?

I am on iodéOS 4.2 / Android 13.
No issues with any aps. Termux works fine (symlinks don’t work outside the termux folder but I think that’s a general limitation)

Same here for LineageOS 20 (Android 13). It works like a charm.
But no experience with stock rom.

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Don’t have too many details but Termux can only compile against Android 11 API because later versions don’t allow core Termux functionality. So in a while it might be working only with ancient Android versions.

hopefully by then we’ll have the option of actual working linux phones and can finally put this google nightmare behind us.

The README at the front page mentions the Android 12+ issues with links to further reading.

GitHub - termux/termux-app: Termux - a terminal emulator application for Android OS extendible by variety of packages.

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Ah yes.
I think that was an issue I had. But only was a problem with long running tasks (cronjobs, mpd)
Fixed it as described in issue #2336 and forogot about it.

But this does not appear to be “the death of termux”

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