Android 11 & earlier unattended updates

mentions that unattended updates are now the norm when running F-droid version 1.19.1 on Android 12, but does not make clear what happens to earlier Androids. Will I still be notified of updates on my Android 11 as before?

As far as I know: Yes, just notified, if you don’t root your phone, use “Lineageos with microG” from the microG website or something like that.

In the original Android 12 there is a feature that package manager which installed a package are allowed to do unattended updates for that package. I haven’t heard of that feature being backported to Android 11/LOS 18(.1).

yes :slight_smile:

Nothing changes

Thank you both.

Your device has no Calyx or Divest or Lineage support?

Sorry, I don’t understand the question. Aren’t Calyx and the others phone operating systems? What is their connection to F-droid?

You can’t answer with YES or NO? :slight_smile:

Maybe there’s an updated Android distro for your device…

Yes, they are phone operating systems, also called ROMs, derived from Android, especially from AOSP, Android Open Source Project.

Those project like open source and F-Droid is open source. They support or include more or less F-Droid.

If you install an alternative ROM you may or may not get better support for F-Droid.

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Thanks for the clarification Jens. I am perfectly satisfied with the current update policy on F-droid for Android 11 now that I know what to expect, and have no desire to change to another system.

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