An option to disable 'The Latest Tab now highlights good descriptions'

I would like an option to disable The Latest Tab now highlights good descriptions, I don’t care for descriptions and screen-shots but for information about updates. Browsing through categories to see what is new is not an option for me and that is why I am keeping to version 1.5.1. I would like to see what has been updated in the fastest possible way as it was in versions prior to 1.6.0. I believe that I am not the only one who would appreciate such an option.


This aspect of the Latest Tab was discussed and planned a while ago, and the idea for a pure listing of recently updated or added apps is search “chips”: using the same mechanism that is used to show the full listing of a category. That will provide a lot more power and control than restoring the old sorting of the Latest Tab.

Also, the actual requirements could be fulfilled by a What’s New entry for the current version, one screenshot, a summary, and a description. If you are interested in the latest versions, then requiring the What’s New entry seems very helpfuil.


Thanks for your response. I do not follow the development of F-Droid closely, I do not have time for that. From time to time I have a look at the change log but that is all. I use ‘Latest’ tab as an information hub, if an app catches my attention I usually visit its website for more details. For me this ‘good descriptions’ filter is a kind of censorship tool as I cannot see the latest stuff at a glance which means that I either have to use version 1.5.1 or use G-Droid to check the latest updates. Anyway, version 1.5.1 fails to load most of the icons and screen-shots and updating repository does not usually help- I see icons and screen-shots very rarely. What I want is an option to disable this ‘good descriptions’ filter- I do not see a problem if there is an option to disable it if it is turned on by default. I have to browse categories manually to see the latest updates and this means that I would waste much time just to get what is new. I have used version 1.5.1 for quite some time and despite its glitches I gives me fast information about updates. If in the future no option to disable ‘good descriptions’ filtering is introduced I will have to stick to version 1.5,1. About chips, I prefer scrolling to typing. In short- to me good descriptions, screen-shots, change logs, etc are not as important as easily accessible list of updates.

There is no censorship at all, there is just multiple views on the same
data. The Categories view also shows selected apps in chosen views.
The Latest Tab is just like that. If you want to see all apps, go to
the Search View. You can sort it by date, and see all apps in order of
when they were updated.

As for icons/screenshots not loading, check your Settings. If you don’t
allow auto-downloads over mobile data, and never connect to wifi, then
those things will never be downloaded.

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As for icons/screenshots not loading, check your Settings. If you don’t
allow auto-downloads over mobile data, and never connect to wifi, then
those things will never be downloaded.

I never connect to Wi-Fi indeed. I don’t see why I should connect to Wi-Fi ti get icons and screens downloaded.

What I don’t get is that F-Droid team works hard to bring new apps up (including original creator-s); if /metadata is missing: having these new apps on fdroidClient in Latest with a New tag could bring somes to help/contribute for creating missing screenshots or description ? At least give these New apps 1 chance in Latest to catch attention (?!)

Where exactly ?, I wish I could follow such moves…

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This were discussed mostly in gitlab, in issues and merge requests in
fdroid-website and fdroidclient.

If you don’t want any manipulation in searches, or set up your own, try G-Droid.
My view was, and still is, to promote how to avoid being taken off more prominently, so that it doesn’t happen, and everyone benefits as a result.

You will find censorship/tracking discussed more broadly

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I think that tab should be renamed to highlights instead of latest now. So that the name is reflecting what’s displayed there.


How does one upload screenshots, and make the rest of the amends, so that this effectively never becomes an issue?

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Convince app devs to host a fastlane structure in their repo, it’s the easiest way, specially since they can amend it at their will.


@Liacon_Kter is there a way to send out a mass information concerning this change? Send an e-mail, or have a bot make an issue in respective bug-trackers maybe?

Edit: Would it be a bad idea to have one repo per app that didn’t have this, with the possibility to upload screenshots from the client, only for app devs to fork it to their repo once aware?

Keep in mind this past experience of @Rudloff:

It could be done by having a field in the F-Droid app description light up red, and then explain it there?

I like to reiterate my down-vote to New apps eviction in fdroid-client, due to lack of /metadata : imho, it is totally going against F-Droid basics (:help wanted).

I’m also 100% against

Why ?, please, have a look to (nonsense distasty waste of time)

I feel this was hurried a bit too much too, specially since this part was shifted to the devs shoulders (upstream repo fastlane & etc), and we get little help from them in general if issues arise.

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@oF2pks I’m also totally against not showing apps that are in the index in fdroidclient. All apps in the loaded indexes will always be visible in the search view. The Latest Tab has always been a limited view on the data, it has never shown all apps.

How do you search for the latest apps? The sentiment I have come across is that keeping on top of what new apps and updates there are, along with talking to people that use F-Droid is quite an important feature when there are no ratings in the client.

Instead of throwing options at it,
could non-compliant apps be given at-least less prominent placement in the Latest feed?

there is a little toggle button next to the search field. You can
either set it to sort alphabetically (A-Z) or by latest (the clock).

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