An F-Droid repo - install app: no signing apk found

how to sign apk in order to use fdroid install to directly install on connected device

Is it asking for some signature? It should work with unknown sources allowed for installation.
Navigate to ‘Apps’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Security’, enable ‘Unknown Sources’, then tap ‘OK’ to agree to enable this setting.

Otherwise, suggest if you can share some more details, as Apps come signed already, you do not need to do anything other than installing.

Apk that fdroid build gives in unsigned directory didnt install on my device when i copied it, but when i signed it using jarsigner, then the resulting apk installed without issues. So i was wondering how should i sign the unsigned apk in order to to use “fdroid install”

To sign an APK for installation via F-Droid, follow these steps:

  1. Generate a keystore file using Keytool.
  2. Build your APK.
  3. Sign the APK with the keystore using jarsigner.
  4. Optimize and align the APK using zipalign.
  5. Upload the signed APK to your F-Droid repository.
  6. Users can install the signed APK directly on their connected devices via F-Droid.
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I still dont know why “fdroid install” wont install on connected device, but i saw its code, and there it was using adb, so i directly used adb instead and it installed the signed apk on connected device. So after building the app,
I aligned the apk with zipalign,
Used apksigner to sign,
Then adb install to install on connected device

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