An app to manage sim card contacts?

With Lineageos14, I can not erase/export contacts from/to sim card. Are there any applications to manage sim card contacts in fdroid ?
Thanks for suggestions.


you can try : contacts from
And it’s on fdroid.

I use it and it’s perfect.
But i’m not sure you can exports contact from the sim because i don’t use.

I tried contacts but it does not seem to manage contacts from/to sim card.

Arf, sorry , i think it was good :wink:
I look for an other solution for you.

Is there some specific reason you want to store your contacts on your SIM card? The functionality is pretty limited.

That said, I can’t seem to see any FOSS app that can manage SIM card contacts. There was one on F-Droid, Dumphone Assistant, but it doesn’t work on modern versions of Android.

Android seems to have dropped support for SIM contacts somewhere along the line.
You can only import existing numbers by the following:

  • Open ‘Dialer/Phone’ app
  • Dial this “number”: *#*#4636#*#*
  • Tap ‘Phone information’
  • Tap the 3 dot menu on the top right
  • Tap ‘View SIM Address Book’
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In fact, I mainly need to remove old/obsolete contacts stored in my sim card.

Hello @zorzi :
To the best of my knowledge, the ability to read/write phone numbers (and not contacts) to a SIM card is not software-dependant, but hardware-dependant.

First generations of smartphones had that feature, at a time when people were migrating from dumbphones to smartphones, and from numbers locally stored on SIM cards to contact lists stored in the cloud.

Newer smartphones generations took for granted that people now all had migrated to contact lists, and ditched the (now useless) SIM storage features.

So your best bet to edit your SIM-stored numbers is to find an old smartphone, and then use an app like Dumbphone Assistant (as @EmberHeartshine recommands).


Many thanks.

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