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It may be a little out of concept for this forum, but it’s related to Free Software as a whole idea.

Recently a big organization told me that they want to ditch Firebase and switch to Free Software alternatives. They asked me to do a research and bring up some different instances for replacing Firebase to test them and chose a couple of them to run primarily.

I wanted to ask you which services do you recommend to be used as a replacement, either as separate services or a complete package.

The program that collects user data without his consent is called - SpyWare:

After agreement to collect user data, the program is miraculously renamed - Analytics:

There is also Telemetry:

Firebase does a lot of different things (authentication, analytics, etc.) so you probably won’t find a single alternative that does everything.

If you need push notifications, you can have a looke at UnifiedPush and this article.


Maybe Etebase?

Never used it, but it’s from the creator or EteSync and it’s open-source:

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As pointed out, Firebase does a lot of things. Maybe you could specify which features they need?

  • FCM: UnifiedPush (has a client available at F-Droid, and would leave the user a choice for their preferred push notification provider – even FCM if they insist), other candidates
  • Analytics: self-hosted Matomo, ACRA, or others
  • Database: ???
  • ???

Actually they asked for every feature there as they want to cut their dependency to firebase at all.

As it is, we do not know which features they use (or in your terms, which dependencies have been established). Second, some folks might know valid replacements but aren’t aware of the fact as they e.g. never used Firebase – so you’ll miss their hints if you don’t name required features explicitly. We really love to help, but we need to know how :wink:

The only thing I found was Plausible, it tracks page visits, country and that’s about it. But it’s for website.

There are several solutions:

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Thanks every-body.
I reported all of your proposed software and services.

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