Alternatives to cloud encryption

Is there an app on Fdroid like cryptomator or boxcryptor?

You want an akternative to cloud encryption generally or do you want an open source aternative to comercialised apps.

Open source please

I don’t believe so. But you can use an app like Openkeychain to encrypt and then upload to a cloud service.

Personally if you want a cloud service hosting your own Nextcloud instance is best. Or renting a VPS and installing Nextcloud server.

I don’t think it is a good idea to use asymmetric encryption for personal use.
Use DroidFS instead (AES256) ← Not audited! but gocryptfs is.
Although this app does not have native support for cloud storage.
Cryptomator is still the best choice.

What you are looking for cryptomatro is a good option though paid but if you want something with is not paid it is hard but you can try next cloud some instance provide a certain gb for free and what i prefer is just pay $3 like in your preferred cloud provided such as aws google cloud azure linone vulter digital ocean and so on just spin up a distro like ubuntu debian or cent os and install next cloud you can use other also in a same provider with containers… thanks
And if you have harddrive at home use syncthing
It is opensource just install a linux disto and use it for free.

Edit i forgot to mention

They have lifetime plans and very very low pricing with end to end encryption they have a free plan too but i like there service as a google drive alternative but it is new.i recommend try there lifetime plan it is worth it.i haven’t paid for but i might if i switch

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They do state being GDPR compliant. However they use cloudflare, and have some google stuff too (shows up in nameserver data, and I maybe mistaken). However, anything having foogle in it is worse than a jail term. I had my worst nightmare some years ago due to foogle. Since then I have stopped using foogle.

Are you talking about i don’t know but i find this service sometimes ago and code are available in git so it seems good.

Thanks I checked it out not bad.

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Yes. That is quiet right. But it has cloudflare and that is one chirp I dont like the sound of.


on Fdroid like cryptomator or boxcryptor?

I don’t know those two, but termux has gpg, which is an alternative.


I don’t think it is a good idea to use asymmetric encryption for personal use.

I understand asymmetric may have disadvantages like speed, but is there something else?

Note the Goog Cloud talks about using it: Asymmetric encryption  |  Cloud KMS Documentation  |  Google Cloud is also a good option with ooen source cryptography if we are looking for google drive alternative.and is new and fully open sourced.

Speed is perhaps too simple, it is also about resource consumption, RSA is a battery drainer.

This should be taken as an opinion from a non-professional random guy.

Apart from battery consumption, RSA-4096 and AES-256 supposedly have similar security.
Except that we know mathematically that RSA is “broken” by Shor’s algorithm, this was not a big problem until the arrival of quantum computers.

RSA has many advantages and properties for communications, but they become meaningless when it is for personal use.

Of course, AES can also be attacked and is not free of weaknesses, but as far as I know the attacks are not practical so far.

As I understand it, Serpent is more robust than AES, but also slower and more resource hungry.
I don’t think much research has been done to break Serpent more efficiently, though.
I would like to know what the difference would be between the hybrid implementation of Serpent + AES and just AES from Veracrypt.

We have a Veracrypt-compatible app on F-Droid: EDS Lite.
It’s only that it’s “outdated” and painfully slow.

There’s a few options listed on AlternativeTo if you’re curious:

So we all use some form of backup in case of data loss. I was wondering is there an app that securely encrypts data on phone before uploading it to well known servers like google drive nextcloud or mega to name a few. Does anybody here know of any solutions.If not, i am not a developer but would humbly request someone to take this up as it helps a lot of people in my opinion.

Would love to hear your opinion on this.

read the posts above first

Hey thanks for the merger, i think i found what i was looking for.

Hello people.
I have always been a fan and follower of FOSS and open source software and know evil business of big tech. So I carefully use my digital services and have been moving away from big tech services. In this on going process I intended transfer my cloud service from google drive to alternatives.
When I looked up for alternatives the main ones are
1.Mega and 2.Ice drive
both with zero knowledge encryption
3.(use G-drive with cryptomater)
(i know about nextcloud but not the process feels complicated).
Please let me know your thoughts.
Thank you😇 is also a good option and nextcloud is not complicated you need a cloud provider non big tech is mostly owncloud linode digital ocean and vulter as a example try them. And they offer pre setup for nextcloud

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