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Recently I implemented an alternative search based on fdroids app index. The UI is not polished or useful on mobile, but it meets my needs. Also, since it’s a hobby project, it can go offline or break at any time. However, maybe it’s useful for someone else.

Source Code: Marph / F-Droid Alternative Search · GitLab


  • Searches are done only in the app title and summary. Case sensitivity is not distinguished. The use of a wildcard is possible.
  • Filtering is flexible:
    • You can exclude all apps with any anti-feature.
    • You can include only projects with a recent update.
    • You can combine multiple categories. For example search all apps that are categorized as “System” and “Time”.

Sounds good. Here’s hoping f-droid incorporates it for better search into their website so users are subjected to f-droid policies instead of


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How about just DuckDuckGo?

Actually, I’ve submitted a search bar enhancement to search via meilisearch: Draft: Replace with meilisearch search bar (!696) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Website · GitLab. But unfortunately, it was not accepted.

The argument was that the author of the current searching implementation has the final say. So, as expected, they don’t like any replacements.

It isn’t possible to filter directly for categories or anti-features on duckduckgo. Also getting a single list of fitting apps is convenient for me.

I had a similar impression. It seems to be difficult to get a change of the search into upstream. That’s why I decided to start a new project, as suggested here.

Seems need more work

That’s what I meant by

If I get the time for it, I will try to improve the layout. For now it’s plain HTML, intended for use on pc or smartphone with landscape mode.

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