Alternative of 'webtube'

Is there a better alternative to webtube.The problem with webtube is I can’t sign in .

You can’t sign-in with these alternative either as far as I aware.
Sign-in should work with WebTube, are you getting a specific error?


No,I use newpipe it is super. But yt is best in suggestion so I am going make an account for yt so need a web sandbox to use yt

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Tip: Export your google data and in this case YouTube subscription data, will help you a long way

Well have being using newpipe for a year and have a lot of subscribers. But recommendations of newpipe is not good . so I am thinking of using using a new account for YouTube.
Now I need a good sandbox for it!

Newpipe just shows what you would see without a watch history, I am not sure but skytube might have login option.

Same here.

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