Allow donations via Basic-Attention-Token (BAT)

Are there plans to register at Brave rewards in order to allow receiving donations via Basic-Attention-Token-cryptocurrency?
There are a quite some known companies that have registered recently, e.g. Wikipedia, duckduckgo,…
Details here

I don’t advertise the service, as I’m not connected to the service, but I’m a happy user who likes the idea of donating money via this service.

Brave’s business model definitely sounds interesting, but I don’t really know much about it. What would we need to do to support this BAT thing?

Not 100% sure but as far as I know it works like this:
-sign up at

  • Add/connect a channel (your website) by uploading a hidden file to fdroid webhost
  • Connect to a Uphold Wallet in order to collect BAT and transfer to USD/EUR/…

You can also check out this short official tutorial video:

So @hans we either remove cryptocoins or not? I’m confused…

Are Ethereum contracts not using any electricity?

sounds like we are far from consensus on removing cryptocurrencies, so I
think it won’t happen any time in the near future. All computer things
use electricity, I don’t know about how they all compare.

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