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Apps Organizer (Version 1.5.19 (167) - Added on 2011-11-28)
Oh, ye of experience and wisdom, please, Educate me.
I would like to try this app but should I be concerned with the date (2011)? I understand phones’ hardware and software changes thus rendering dated apps unworkable but can I take it for granted that every app on fdroid is safe to download? I know that’s showing how bright I am but how else is granddad going to learn? I’m here (gray hair and all) thinking that if an app is here, it’s got to be okay. Right? Answer me please before I croak. Other than that I can empty my own bedpan.
Apps Organizer (Version 1.5.19 (167) - Added on 2011-11-28)

Maybe an update of this application is required in F-Droid repo.
Normally apps on F-Droid are more safe than others because the applications are checked but…
Check the application in an emulator :slight_smile:
Check the permissions, if ID is needed => don’t trust
Check the app on Google and users’ comments.
Check the developer’s history on Google…
Check the code yourself.
Check the issues.
Personaly, the app can uninstall other apps => be careful.
Check other similary apps, more recents.

Thanks for the reply. I was worried that my attempt at humor was not appreciated.
I’m over my head here. I’ll simply sit back and learn.
I’m definitely going to study out what you meant by “the app can uninstall other apps => be careful.” I can do some research.
I have the app on an old Note 4. Always liked it.
The first thing I check out about any app is the permission that are requested. I put apps on that Note 4 without a thought. The internet is a friendly place, right? I’ve learned better.
Thanks to a few Social Security checks I now have the Note 8 & that Note 4 is my MP3 player.
Thanks again.
Granddad is gonna take a nap.

You are welcome.
Internet is also a place for bad guys with ranconware…

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