ADW.Launcher alternative


I am using ADW.Launcher for a long time now, but it seems a bit outdated by now and as I have currently some problems with it, I am searching for an alternative launcher.

The main reason I use ADW is that I can customize icon and description text of all apps on the home screen. Can anyone recommend me an other launcher on fdroid (or somewhere else, as long as it’s open source) capable of this, that is working well on android nougat?



Am not aware of another launcher that does what you are searching for, but atm am testing out OpenLauncher and it seems actively developed. You could try adding a feature request on their bugtracker and hopefully they can implement such an option soon.

I will take a closer look into OpenLauncher. I am surprised that this isn’t a common feature. Before I used Android the first time 4 years ago I had expected this to be a basic UI feature that every launcher will support. Seems I was wrong.