Adding screenshots and feature/promo images to own apk repo

Hi guys,

as my app is built on Cordova (which I’ve not successfully been able to integrate with the normal f-droid build process), I’ve created my own fdroid repo to host (not build) the app apk so users can add it and download the app using the fdroid client. I’ve added the normal text metadata in the metadata/…yml file and everything looks good when adding the repo to fdroid.

However, I’m confused by this page on how I can add feature/promo images and screenshots. I don’t understand how I need to add the image folders (phoneScreenshots, sevenInchScreenshots, etc) inside the folder structure generated by running fdroid init. I’ve tried adding them in the repo folder but they never seem to get picked up within the fdroid client.

Could someone please help clear this up for me?

Look at this structure under fastlane, it’s working :slight_smile:

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Got it working! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hmm, the the feature image and screenshots appear but the app icon doesn’t load, any ideas?

My repo is:

App icon is in the manifest and should have a fix size.
Edit: was difficult to find your source codes!
As your projects are JS projects, I think the icon should be in the package manifest.

Yeah that’s what I thought, before I added the fastlane structure it was using the icon from the manifest and this was displaying in the fdroid client. After adding fastlane it’s now not showing, not sure what I’m doing wrong!

What do you mean by fixed size? Should the size be specified? For example, I have a .png icon in my app. It is fixed size if you ask me.

Size defined on Google Developer site.

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