Adding repositories to Fdroid Client when Building a ROM

For a while now I 've been using this docker image to build a lineage based rom with microg. One thing I want was to add more repositories to the image I am building, for example nanolx’s repository. An example of how to do this by adding xml files to the build is shown here.

My main problem is that this file requires the public key. I am also assuming it’s encoded in some way I don’t know. On the other hand various repositories only show their key fingerpring, not the public key. Does anyone know how to get that information?

P.S. I use Ubuntu MATE on my laptop, therefore it 'd be very easy for me if there’s a list of terminal commands that get a public key finderprint and output a public key in the encoded used in those xml files. Any other solution offered would also be very welcome of course.

For Nanolx and bromite:

btw on Oreo/Pie you can easily unleash backends of wifi throttling, with something like : (frameworks_opt_net_wifi_) ; I use extended Omnirom microG patch with extended setprop

(@Bubu , maybe you could help (mirror) to solve which also targets this awesome script )

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Thank you for pointing that file @oF2pks

Some information below is a bit above my understanding, but thank you for posting them as well. I 'll take a look at them to see what I can learn.

If you download the nanodroid zip it has the additional repos xml. Including nanodroid repo, microg and bromite repos.

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