Adding more Repos to the F-Droid app?

For many users its essential to have as many apps as possible directly accessible. There are some repositories of external providers, that could be added in advance, simply deactivated, to make the setup easier for everyone.

Why not add

  • CalyxOS
  • iodeOS
  • DivestOS
  • collaboraoffice
  • izzyondroid

This would greatly improve whats available. Other repos like Briar or Bitwarden may be more opinionated. But still, they can be disabled by default, so there would be no “we have to guarantee that its working”

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The problem is, F-Droid can’t guarantee that those repos meet our standards (or even intentionally not meet them like Izzy) and it might confuse new users if the client “suggest” those repos, but they do not live up to the expectations


Briar app is in F-Droid too, reproducible.

To elaborate on what @jugendhacker mentioned

  • my DivestOS repo includes Mulch which contains Play Services library
  • the CalyxOS repo includes their Chromium which also includes Play Services library
  • the iodeOS repo includes their Firefox fork which also includes Play Services library
  • izzyondroid includes many apps which aren’t fully free

that being said, Guardian Project is still included in the defaults and it includes Tor Browser which includes Play Services library: remove Guardian Project repo from default list (#2556) · Issues · F-Droid / Client · GitLab


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