Add User Titles for Developers

F-Droid has a feature to show a user title next to a user’s name. For example, see this post with the user title “co-founder”.

It would be cool if we could have such titles for F-Droid developers and other contributors, and maybe even for developers of apps that are on F-Droid. That way, people can easily see who they’re talking to.

Apparently the titles can only be given by admins, so there would be some manual work necessary.

Edit: It would probably be possible to automate this to some degree, eg giving a “F-Droid Developer” title to anyone with a commit in the fdroidclient/fdroidserver repos.

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Thank you for that suggestion. I’ve now added the title “F-Droid Developer” to six people I know they were pretty active in the last year, but the problem I see is that there are maaany contributors to F-Droid and at the end half the forum is a “F-Droid Developer”. Additionally an admin needs to add the title manually, so this produces more work for them.

But I’m optimistic about that feature and if I forgot anybody who thinks of themselves as a “F-Droid Developer” too, please post it here.

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Hey Nico, can you add the title for me? :slight_smile: