Add Joplin in F-Droid repo (a note app open-source)?

I wondering add Joplin app in F-droid repo. It’s usefull and open source.


to streamline the process, requests for inclusion are generally done in the RFP repository. Please file an issue and fill out the template there; then it will be easier for packagers to pick up the application you would like to see in F-Droid.

Regarding its license (MIT), it it compatible. I’m at the moment not sure how it is with compiling electron apps for F-Droid and couldn’t look for potential non-free libraries due to my limited knowledge, but I’m sure there will be somebody looking at your RFP issue who knows more than me :slight_smile:

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There’s already a long standing RFP for Joplin (rfp#434) and someone also started packaging it (fdroiddata#4904). Feel free to follow the discussion/progress on our issue trackers. Since this app is react native based packaging is rather intricate.

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