Add code of conduct that is a lightly edited version of Debian's

At long last, I’m proposing that F-Droid adopt Debian’s code of conduct as our own. I copied the text from there, changed Debian to F-Droid, and changed the contact section to make sense for F-Droid.

I’m pinging everyone to make sure there is no objections @contributors Here’s the merge request, comments and feedback welcome. Please at least leave an emoji if you’ve reviewed it:


Just once I’d like to see a terse statement like: If you behave like a worse axxhole than admins wish to tolerate, you will be banned to the best of our ability, most likely without warning or explanation, mercilessly and unrelentingly. We can’t really describe bad behavior in advance, but we know it when we see it.

Assume good faith, but check for bad code anyway.

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I think the Debian Code of Conduct is the closest to that sentiment
while providing a complete overview.

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