Adaway permissions in App Manager

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I wanted to ask you a question, if I may, about Adaway. I was told by a friend if I could pass it on to you.

It turns out that he was looking with App Manager (App Manager - Android package manager | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository or GitHub - MuntashirAkon/AppManager: A full-featured package manager and viewer for Android), comment that it is not spam k ls advertising application. I put the links so you know ls app that said. I beg your pardon if I did something wrong.

Well I commented that reviewing Adaway in that application, you get permidos of Adaway as:

Master volume
Bluetooth volume
Alarm volume
Access volume
Master volume
Media volume
Noti volume
Ring volume
Voice volume
Coarse location
Mute microphone
Play audio
Read media audio/images/ video
Write wallpaper

And let me know if you can disable these permissions for Adaway. I don’t really understand why you get those permissions.

Thanks a lot for your time and help.

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That’s not how it looks for me:

(App Manager gives most details, F-Droid lists all “important” permissions and Android itself shows all user-manageable permissions)

Are you sure you were looking at AdAway? If you were, are you sure you got it from a trusted source?


Good afternoon @TheLastProject

First of all thank you very much for your reply, help and time.

I missed commenting that it is a rooted phone, with lineageos and without any gaps (or google stuff). And most importantly I forgot to comment that Adaway uses it in root mode and App Manager with superuser permissions in Magisk.

And it comes out like this:

Then you always download things from Fdroid. And also XprivacyLua where I remove permissions so to speak, or access almost better expressed. To some applications to x things.

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The screenshots you’ve taken are not from the “Permissions” tab, they’re from the “App Ops” tab. I don’t know that’s shown there, but seeing some things are “Deny” I am guessing this is just every permission apps can possibly have.

App Manager has a Telegram channel, so maybe ask there?

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