Acode app alternatives

  • fhcode is very limited in support of languages
  • squircle ce does not auto complete and upstream
    code is not entirely free
  • there are couple of issues which are more
    than year old and dev is not responding and
    the issues are applicable to me :wink:
  • is there any app which is exactly identical
    to acode?
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what’s wrong with acode?

Termux + vim?

Termux + emacs?

Termux + helix

etc :slight_smile:

  • unstable copy paste
  • app hangs after one hour
  • the above two are must
  • there also other open issues
    on git repo
  • not android apps
  • all of them are linux apps
  • emacs is tui; vim, heli_ cli
    acode gui and android app
  • both of them are rudimentary
  • i can continue my work, not at
    full pace, but its ok
  • apks are available on github repo
    • visual code space [ 1 ]
    • mucodeeditor [ 2 ]
  • gitlab is useless, it doesnt
    let me search repo using keywords,
    no wonder why there wasnt mass migration :wink:

[ 1 ] GitHub - Visual-Code-Space/Visual-Code-Space: Editor based on Visual Studio Code
[ 2 ] GitHub - MuChengTeam/MuCodeEditor: A nice code editor lib for Android with syntax-highlight and auto completion, support code block (aka CodeEditor)

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We have Emacs on Android.

Emacs is gui and vim/helix is tui. So maybe you should try Emacs.

nope… trust me, it will simply
give you headache… unless you
want to allocate time and most
importantly patience… :wink:

Maybe DroidVim as a GUI alternative?

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