About the Fennec F-Droid Browser

When I clicked Fennec F-Droid from the “Share via” apps list, it just went to a text editor. It’s rare that this happens but it’s kind of frustrating.

Is there a way to fix this?

Here is an example.
Here’s another example but now it went to Discord.

I’m using Fennec v101.1.1.

I think this is the intended behaviour if you use Settings → Advanced → Open links in apps. Could you check to make sure you don’t have that enabled?

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Open links in apps is disabled.

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I have also used the same version of this application but am looking for a permanent solution for this error.

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Sorry for chime in.
May I know where I can report a problem about fennec browser ?
In f-droid, its issue tracker is pointing at mozilla firefox’ github, but I’m afraid it’s not the proper place since most reported is not reporting about fennec. The issue I’m facing is it’s unable to play twitter video correctly, the video is reverse or upside down.

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First thing is to get Firefox from Mozilla and test the issue again. Same for theirs? Report on their issue tracker.

If only in Fennec, report here or Gitlab fdroiddata etc

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