A POI proximity alert application

Does anyone know any FS application that provides this feature?
The reason why i need it is to create a location-based reminder (i’m already using Recurrence for time-based reminders; by the way, Recurrence is no longer maintained - something to look into) - something to remind me to do X next time i approach Y.

BwareArea is supposed to support something like this, but it refuses to import a CSV file i wrote. Any other ideas?

I use WiFi as the POI indicator: Wi-Fi Reminders (WiFi based reminders) - https://f-droid.org/app/ru.glesik.wifireminders

There’re also cell id-based apps

And not to forget the all in one Swiss army knife: Easer (Event-driven Android automation) - https://f-droid.org/app/ryey.easer

I’ve never been able to get Easer to work. I’ve tried on 4 different phones. I’m sure I’m not setting it up correctly. But I did download Wi-Fi Reminders. Thanks for recommending.
(May I add? My most used app is MacroDroid. Yes, it is tracking the heck out of me. Probably makes millions of $$$ from my data but I’m totally addicted. Like smoking or drug use, I do not advocate getting “on it”.)

I’ve tried Wi-Fi Reminders and, to my utter surprise, it worked (triggered a reminder when i was in a particular cell - FBP, it works with cell IDs too!), even though the documentation said something about it refreshing cell IDs only every 15 minutes (which i thought to be too coarse to be useful for me). I can’t use Wi-Fi networks as triggers, because Wi-Fi is switched off on my phone most of the time.

I’ve also installer Easer, but it’s very complex. I’ll have to grok the mans for a while to figure out how to use it properly.

You did report the issue ?

No. I thought that i was just doing something wrong.

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