A Photo Manager asking for a photo editor

Hello there. I’ve been using A Photo Manager (APM) happily for accessing and editing photos I make with my device.
Lately, I had to do a factory reset. I re-installed APM from F-Droid, but now, when I want to edit a photo, it tells me it can’t find a photo editor on my device. I’ve never had a separate editor installed prior to the factory reset. APM has all permissions to storage.
Is this a new feature? Do I need to install an editor from somewhere? If yes, which ones can I choose from?

Worth asking in issue tracker


I think I’ve got it figured out: it appears to be a permissions issue, because I’m not able to delete images either–even though I’ve granted permissions for APM to all storage media. This may be caused by the fact that after the factory reset, the device was upgraded to Nandroid 7.0.

I assume that Nandroid 7.0 has no preinstalled photo editor app and your previous android-os had.

On my android-4.4 I use the photo editor of the android stock gallery.

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I started using photoviewerpro recently and so far I am loving the aps. Easy to use and user friendly.