A new store: "Underground store........"

In response to Mueller-ma seeking long games (rem: => try Sokoban and try Chess and Chess variants ^^).

  1. FDroid team, did you try to contact developers/dev teams to publish their applications to FDroid store?
    Like AppGratis does?

Rem: I know it’s different :wink:

  1. Did you have the idea to make another store (could be included in your app) but only with gratis applications??? not necessary GPL, Apache Licence…??? Promoting free use of applications, without in app purchase? The devs will give you the APK but not the source codes. I think there is a good opportunity :slight_smile:

If the application should be paid => no way

F-Droid is a free and open ecosystem. Anyone is free to start their own app “repo” and anyone with F-Droid can “subscribe” to any repo. https://android.izzysoft.de/ is one example.

Check out the docs for info on setting up and running your own: https://f-droid.org/docs