A Little list of questions

Is there an app where an Android device can send media, e.g. gifs, photos, videos to an Apple device via SMS WITHOUT the Apple device receiving a completely unrecognizable media SMS?

Is there anyone out there that knows how to use/hack the audio recorder to be “on”, while using the phone itself???

Why is it that all the “Simple” apps change to the same color after changing the “theme” color on one???

I believe i once asked why i couldn’t send Fdroid apps to other phones with the “nearby” feature, and they replied that thats not what its there for.
If true, So then what is the point of having it?
On that note, everytime I try send apps to another phone on nearby, it wont let me and gives me some error message below:
Error getting F-Droid index file → socket closed.

Samething when i try to bluetooth contacts to a different phone.

This is a feature…


Thats silly.
Why would you make it so that all the apps look the same at a quick glance of the homescreen??
If you have more than 1 Simple app, then you are bound to pick the wrong app on your home screen if you need to make a quick call, or send a quick photo, or check an appointment, or etc etc etc.
You have to spend at least a good 5 seconds looking at your home screen, EACH time, to pick right one; even more so if you have a very busy home screen.

You would think that if there is a color theme change feature option on every app, that it would be just for THAT particular app, instead of changing them all collectively.

Then again, im no elite annonymous hacker app programmer, so what do I know​:man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:.

IDK, this looks like Apple being Apple.

Audio Recorder | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository maybe?

Simple Thank You | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository maybe?


Im sure that is the case, but the question is for " any app where an android device san send…" in other words:
Is there an app on FDroid that solve that problem??

Yes, I have that app, but it still wont let me record while on a call, e.g. like saving a voicemail.
I guess Ill just keep recording my calls with periphrial recording device​:man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:.

Yes, I also have that app. But I also donate to the F Droid platform (I think🤔. Ive lost my card a few times so I dont know if that still is the case) because I have already made failed attempts at purchasing premiumvapps from the creator, i.e. Premium Dialer to solve issues with my Simple apps, but keep running into an opinion of mine that creator doesnt really care too much for (either) my or a small group of peoples feedback.
I mean , I cant be the only one that has made this kind of feedback through out the years, right🤨.

:+1::+1::+1: to your replies though!

Not my experience with 2, not including Thank You. I had to change themes separately. Then they have significantly different icons. No confusion here.


How long have you had the same home screen configuration with those 3 Simple apps??

Okay, well thats what I am trying to do; how were able to do that??

A day. 2 simple apps. Neither is TY app. Installed the 2nd to see if your issue happened.

how theme change

Meatball, settings, customize colors, pick, tap check mark.

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It’s a feature because it’s only available when you buy the thank you app. It’s free in F-Droid but not in Google Play. Then you can change the theme of all simple apps in thank you. If you don’t want to change the theme of all apps, don’t use thank you and the shared theme in other apps.


Not possible. Feature Request: Call Recording · Issue #36 · SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Dialer · GitHub

Ok, so the quantity is more than 3; point being, since you dont have that many simple apps, and it seems a very low demand to make quick decision app choices i.e. make call or take photo at work, then of course you have “no confusion”.

You literally just gave me the instructions for the same problem, i.e. ALL Simple apps change to the same color.
Was that intentional?

Im reading your link… aol dial up tone

You asked what I did. I told you. You didn’t ask what I didn’t do. Now, thanks to @linsui , we know the key is what I didn’t do: I didn’t install the Thank You app. It just happened, or didn’t. :laughing:

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