A free Android SDK, like Free Speech?


I would like to begin making Android apps. I searched the web, and it seems I should use the Android SDK or Android Studio. When I try to download Android Studio I must agree to Terms and Conditions that are not compatible with free software (No right to use like I want, no right to disassemble…).

Can you tell me what free software I can use?

You are not forced to use the Studio, use any IDE.

But, most of the tools to build come from Google.

Android sdk is open source. You can build it from source. ReplicantOS guys did some builds but abandoned.

I don’t have problem if the software come from Google (of course Android comes from Google), I just want it to be free software. Do you have suggestion?

Right now I don’t have an Android phone (lol), an emulator would be great too.

@ted Free Software (re-)builds of Android SDK would be great indeed. Here’s our main thread on this topic: Call for Help: making free software builds of the Android SDK


Thank you for yous answers. It’s sad that free builds doesn’t exists yet, maybe I will try to build it on my own. I will take a look on the “free software builds” topic.

Awesome. Please consider teaming up with everyone already invested in that topic. It would be great if you could help get a community started doing full re-builds and keep them maintained/updated. We’d obviously be very interested in using free software builds of Android SDK for F-Droid.

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