A few forks for adding

All of these origin apps are abandoned and outdated now, so maybe it would be reasonable to add them to the main f-droid repo?

Breezy Weather:



BTW, RadioDroid2 & RadioDroid3 are not functioning correctly for many many regions. The original RadioDroid works flawlessly.

To ADD them to what? @Danko

ah, the forks, did they change appID, changed icon, change app name, translations etc?

To the main f-droid’s repo, as I said before. But they’re definitely changing not the form but the outdated content itself.
Breezy Weather, for example, is already in the Izzy repo, but it’s not always suitable to use both f-droid’s and Izzy’s repos at the same time.

UPD. Original RadioDroid is alive again.

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Yup, I am also trying to contribute to the code.
BTW, F-Droid build passed for 0.86 but no apk was generated as I could see.9

I’ve answered there…

Yeah. I am becoming annoying. :crazy_face:

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