404 .apk links (website)

The termux .apk links are bringing up 404 pages. (Not seeing any other unavailable files.)

Is there another repository (besides the app) from which to download .apk links, in case they are unavailable from the website?

Thank you. The staging website is more up-to-date and much faster than the main website, great.

Why: I’m new to f-droid and using a highly-configured android. If I manually install, I control versioning, updates, etc. Not sure how f-droid handles all of that, so simpler to do it manually. Also generally less apps = more secure, especially apps controlling other apps, at least that would be most people’s initial thought.

(Just a thought: new people like me could get frustrated by the website being so slow and timing out frequently, and apparently sometimes 404s.)

With the F-Droid client, unless you install the “F-Droid Privileged Extension” you still need to manually press install update, BUT at least you get notifications on app updates and new apps info.

Thanks! I didn’t know that. I guess it’s possible to restrict the f-droid client from looking for updates by removing the internet permission in the app, if someone wanted to do that.

Looks like an amazing project. I’m grateful for all the volunteer effort that goes into setting up an alternative to the play store. Also happy to read this in the FAQ :

“F-Droid respects your privacy. We don’t track you, or your device. We don’t track what you install. You don’t need an account to use the client, and it sends no additional identifying data when talking to our web server other than its version number. We don’t even allow you to install other applications from the repository that track you, unless you first enable ‘Tracking’ in the AntiFeatures section of preferences. Any personal data you decide to give us (e.g. your email address when registering for an account to post on the forum) goes no further than us, and will not be used for anything other than allowing you to maintain your account.”


Use Netguard and only allow what apps you want only when you want.

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