3P location services provider



or https://twitter.com/jason_kint/status/1398353211220807682?s=20

Reading news about Google tracking https://archive.is/DpWD0 and PDF of document from Court: https://archive.is/o/DpWD0/https://www.azag.gov/sites/default/files/2021-05/Chai_Exhibit_201.pdf

Page1: A google employee seems says:

Yes, but you need to flash a no-google-services build and install a 3P locaion services provider.

What is this 3P?

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Third (3rd) party location services: Apple, Mozilla, Mapquest, OpenCellID… NLP backends


There is also Qualcomm IZAT.
And I think Google Play Services can use Bluetooth beacons.

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