1.12 GB Storage

F-Droid app + 665 MB User date + 435 MB Cache.
If I understand correctly, a lot of that is actually my downloaded apps’ apk’s.(?) If I clear everything I will have to set up my F-Droid settings again. It doesn’t take long to do that but if I want to keep those apks can I simply find them on my phone and transfer them to the SD card?

Just clear cache, you won’t have to setup anything after, also set a smaller retention period in Settings if you don’t want it to bloat.

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Thanks. Clear the cache portion. Done. In app settings not touched. Great. So the storage (User data portionof 665MB) contains the settings, list of repositories, apks? What was in cache? Thank you for your knowledge.

The index, screenshots and icons part, I guess.

Do you have many repos?

I have even more in data > 1,1G. The downloaded files should stay only for one day (at least that’s what it says in the settings). So what’s in it?

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Repos: F-Droid, Guardian Project, and IzzyOnDroid.
The mystery (to me) is what contributes to the size?

I guess, as you said, icons index screenshots, are probably a lot of bytes.

Is there any way to reduce the size of the data stored by the system (the non-cache data) without having to clear our settings? I would suggest giving users control over what data is loaded, downloaded, stored, and how long it’s kept after its last use - in new Settings options. G-droid doesn’t use anywhere near that amount of storage space. I find myself having to clear it and then redoing all my settings all the time. I would like to keep the entire app size under 100 Mb at all times.

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@infinitelight Did you already setup a low timeframe to keep the APKs? But I agree that storage usage (eg. Now abou 470Mb for me) without APKs is rather huge.

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