Why is fdroid down all the time?


I’m currently working on making the Android client app more aggressitvely switch to mirrors. If all goes well, there will be an alpha release out within a week that will have a new Expert preference to enable this new behavior.


This also also include switches per mirror to selectively disable:


Guys, can you please get better hosting ? I am more than happy to pay. I don’t know what the situation with mirrors is in 1.6 (I’m having some other trouble with 1.6), but the main f-droid site is rarely usable. https://f-droid.org/repo/ is down at the moment and I get the “error getting index file” error. f-droid has become so unusable that I have replaced all my f-droid apps with play store versions wherever possible. I only use f-droid for the few apps like adaway that are not on playstore.


Finally got to know the reason behind fdroid down.


v1.6 of the client will download APKs from mirrors automatically, so that will speed up installs a lot, and hopefully reduce the load on f-droid.org.

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