Why has dissapeared wi-fi matic?

Hi. Why has dissapeared the wi-fi matic app from f-droid repositories? I found it to be the best app to turn on or off the wifi without using the gps location. The github repositorie still exists despite not having been updated for long: https://github.com/cprados/wifimatic-android

I turned on the F-Droid Archive and see it there. Version 1.3.6 6/29/15.
And thanks! I downloaded it.

Probably this: Many old, unmaintained apps have been archived

Thanks, its good to know that still its in archive. A pity it hasn’t been updated for so long because it’s really a great app.

If you need this app, fork it and start maintaining. That’s the beauty of free software.

I don’t know to program I fear : (

Start learning. Programming is fun and not that difficult as it might seem.

Actually Easer (Event-driven Android automation (and more)) - https://f-droid.org/app/ryey.easer can do this and a lot more

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