Where is the install documentation for F-Droid?

Hi, I discovered this application called “F-Droid” and I want to install an app that uses it. But I cannot see how to install F-Droid. There is not information on the website under Docs, or Tutorials, or FAQ. How do you do it please?

There’s a big blue button with DOWNLOAD here f-droid.org right?

After that install the downloaded APK :slight_smile:

Thanks, but how do I install it please? I can’t find any documentation on the website. I downloaded a file of type “.apk” on my computer. Then dragged it into whatsapp to get it onto my phone. But now I don’t know how to install it. There are no apps on my phone that can open this file type.

You should download this on your phone directly… then touch the file in the browser notification or in the File Manager… Android should guide you on what to do next, depending on your Android version.

Yes, we’ll add more info on that Download page for the users, some ideas here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroid-website/-/issues/616

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Ohh, that’s so simple, why don’t they just have that line on the main webpage, jeez.
Thanks. I’ll put a comment on the issue.

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I found this very funny. Why are people so glued to whatsapp. My father told me teach me whatsapp, when he first got the phone, and not exactly the phone operation itself. I seriously think people need to learn the basics and understand the necessary things, otherwise it ia always handheld.


FOMO induced by marketing

more here: https://seirdy.one/2021/01/27/whatsapp-and-the-domestication-of-users.html

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Though I find it interesting enough, I agree on one thing, human mind is really not capable to comprehend the reality, but is more cliched into regressive methodologies and very much adapted to :free: food. I hope you get what I mean and the hidden sarcasm to how things have blatantly and openly rap** privacy and so called freedom.

It is capable, but it has a lot of other things to do.

RealLife™ gets priority…

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True that mate.

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