What's your opinion about linking to Non-Free Network Services

was supposed to be (little) English humor…

@uniqx I also noticed both Tutanota and CTemplar tagged with this anti-feature; I’m not sure they deserve that if all data are encrypted from end-to end with untraceable IPs and without active ads. Also, in some countries, this can be juridically considered as denigration (?)

Conversely, F-Droid apps that don’t use internet or network (sms, calls) should be clearly identified with a positive tag. (Same for apps with Tor specifics)

btw @sorenstoutner , seems Startpage has switched a bit (?) https://gitlab.com/prism-break/prism-break/issues/2218

And they prove that how exactly? The server is not transparent…

Also read my comment above and proposition.

No, non-marked apps are already “positive”

That is like saying an ad-blocker relies on ads, and then questioning the nature of the ad being blocked…

If you get links sent to you that are not to your liking, the same applies.

There is a difference between a translation service, and translation logic.

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