What happened to pl.net.szafraniec.NFCTagmaker?

Hello, I’m curious what has happened to the binaries and source packages for NFC Tag maker, browsable (but 404s on APK links) on f-droid.org: https://f-droid.org/packages/pl.net.szafraniec.NFCTagmaker/

I do see that the project is abandoned according to the README.md on upstream source repo but at least the old binaries I have work excellent and I don’t see pl.net.szafraniec.NFCTagmaker on the list of failing builds.

Hello @mmm, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s most likely because of this one:

The apps is probably still shown on the website because we currently have problems refreshing the app list.

MD5 APK signatures are still supported by Android and accepted by Google Play when you upload an APK there.

What happened with jarsigner and apksigner is that these tools use Sun/Oracle’s PKCS #7 classes to verify JAR signatures of APKs. In recent versions of Java, these classes were switched to reject MD5 signatures by default, unless special command-line parameters are provided to the JVM.

apksigner has now switched to using its own PKCS #7 codebase which accepts MD5 signatures because Android does so. Unfortunately, apksigner version 0.8 which contains this change is not yet out (as of Aug 21 2017). It will be released in the next release of Android SDK Build Tools. If you’re desperate to try it out until then, the source code is at https://android.googlesource.com/platform/tools/apksig/.