"Vigilante" app by "FunkyMuse" not removable, creator says it is fault of F-Droid

Several users complained on the Github page of the app called “Vigilante” for not being able to remove the app once it was installed.

The creator is not helpful at all and very unfriendly to everybody who reports this issue (https://github.com/FunkyMuse/Vigilante/issues/150).

He says it is the fault of “buggy” F-Droid. Later he admitted it occurs on few phones only and it is the fault of them (https://github.com/FunkyMuse/Vigilante/issues/122).

He closes all complaints even though they couldn’t be solved. I myself waited for several updates, but still the app cannot be uninstalled via F-Droid or Android app menu.

This app is quite suspicious for staying in the system forever without any way to be removed.

Is it really an issue of F-Droid? Thanks for any help!

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I doubt its an F-Droid issue - that seems like maybe a wild guess. I also doubt malicious intent. The second guess, that its a device specific bug in the package manager, is more likely.

The README indicates its a known issue and links to a “fix” (basically uninstall via adb). Have you tried this?

Thanks for answering. I read this instruction but I am a regular phone user and not fit to do any programming stuff like this. I installed and uninstalled so many apps by F-Droid and all other apps got removed immediately. There should be a warning in the app description that it might stay permanently.

I generally dislike github, and PTIO is very slow to act these days, but you may wish to comment on this software add request:

Honestly, can’t see how this is related to programming. Installing a single piece of software and copying a single command to command line is way easier than you think it is. Wonder why people freak out when they hear “command line”.

That would be a false statement, because the fix is a working solution.

p.s. you should understand why the developer keeps closing the issues. The reason is that people keep reporting the same thing again and again without checking the closed issues if someone already reported this. I can understand how this is uncomfortable for an user, but from developer’s perspective it’s fine to close duplicates.

It is not app fault. Nor fdroid.

It is a bug: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/148573843

Install a ROM where the bug is fixed, like Lineage, or blame your vendor because it didn’t include a fix for a bug that affects the whole platform.

It is not usually a dev task to know framework oddities like this one. Also play sore apps are not affected as they don’t use the PackageInstaller the same way


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