Two more apps for adding

But both are made for smart TVs:

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I’d recommend following the Inclusion How-To. The short version: make a GitLab issue on F-Droid / Requests For Packaging · GitLab with template “Submission” if it doesn’t exist yet. That way it won’t get lost in the forum :slight_smile:

Yea, but it needs to have an existing gitlab acc, which I personally don’t need now, unfortunately.

BTW, another app request: Add fork of Nesoid, please

I am not a F-Droid Pro/Cobtributer myself. But I skimmed the document that @TheLastProject linked to and I believe you got the process wrong.

The F-Droid team does not pull other peoples repos without their consent. The process has to be started by the developer of the application. In fact there are bunch of things that I can think of (making stable releases, providing public signing keys,…) that ONLY the developer can do in such a process.

Long story short:
I believe if you want do nudge somebody to get an App into F-Droid you should really get yourself a github/gitlab account and get in touch with the developers . . .

No, I just said: please make this request in the correct place so it doesn’t get lost.

My bad :slight_smile:

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