Translation of old (2yrs) strings

@hans I can only extend the most modest of proposals in re-evaluating the decision process.
I didn’t know, so communicating technical restrictions clearly is key to even others I’m sure.
As for the rationale on the other rules I didn’t know either, they still don’t make any sense. Those start and finish with you, and I didn’t think you wanted the hassle it creates either.
The fewer rules, the less mess. Get rid of everything that isn’t a technical restriction, and focus efforts on removing even those.

String priority is possible in Weblate.

priority:NPriority of the string. Higher priority strings are presented first for translation. The default priority is 100, the higher priority a string has, the earlier it is offered for translation.

Marking the latest and most prominent as high seems to be the least amount of effort for the bang atm, as the functionality is not as good. If there is a API way of doing it that would be great.

Put a link to the translation effort on every translated page and effort will be directed where effort is due, to the tune of what one could come to expect. The less alien it is, the more contributions will be made, and enjoyed. Right now F-Droid is coming up way short on the talent it could attract.

Every rule that isn’t a technical restriction should go. It works better on every other project. That is good. Let the problem go.
F-Droid really has no problems other than those of its own making. However regrettable that is to all parties, the reason is not accidental. Go back to the working basics, and scrap all the crufty and hastily made decisions. I am happy to report F-Droid isn’t sticking to them, which is the boat we are all in.

The next problem about to occur is and that is locked to the public.

F-Droid is as close to the one distributor of a curated central repo of libre software you get, for what is now the biggest OS in the world. I am of the opinion that enjoying the ability to distribute the value-adding apps of other libre software app makers should not give “f-droid contributors” more choice in what is and could actually be a decision of the public, down to the very individual, at all times.

The current setup contains no arbitrary restrictions.

Nice, just need a post to clarify old news can be fixed, gab can be freely discussed, anyone can translate everything without fear that it will not get used meaning no % of pages/components/etc, anyone can fix whatever they want including bulk changes of metadata, everything will show up in “Latest” regardless of translation status, ending on what the technical restriction is and why. Hopefully someone has the money or knowledge to fix it. That is a fantastic opportunity to avoid future issues by stating anyone can make the apps they want, for inclusion in main (provided they meet the longstanding criteria), and then following up with the donation post.

I think I left instructions on the various components for what the rules were, taking those down and updating them would increase activity significantly. Taking a good look at the proposed string changes is a good way to increase quality and drive changes for the better. It is a bit of work, but I will help where I can.