They talk about F-Droid

I think this kind of topic does not exist.

Here we post urls talking about F-Droid.


In the post above:

“Ryan Cavitt • 21 hours ago
For Google Play, why not use the Yalp Store? You can use Magisk to install F-Droid Privileged Extension (full disclosure, my module) then use a module like Terminal App Systemizer to do the same for Yalp Store, then apps will install just like they do from the official Google Play client.”

What is Magisk? Source?

Magisk is an OpenSource systemless root solution with some additional nifty features.

still not yet in F-Droid:

IzzyOnDroidMagisk Manager (A magic mask to alter system seamless-ly)

I did something similar in the German section once, but did not post any other stuff. It was pretty in the beginning of this forum for people to see some content.

Thank you for starting this topic!

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and my comments here: WIkipedia page of F-Droid

Schade dass der letztgenannte Artikel schon “geschlossen” ist. Die beiden AndroidPit Artikel stammen von mir :smiley: Weitere gibt es auch noch auf meiner Site:

A pity that second article is closed already. I’m the author of the two AndroidPIT articles, and some more can be found on my site:

That was kinda $hit, sorry, This is what it's like using only open-source software on Android TO CONNECT TO CLOSED SOURCE SERVICES SILOS, O RLY?

It did not work that great? Imagine my surprise… :roll_eyes:

This one is better:

Found this some days ago.
We have several of their apps in F-Droid.

Url of @NicoAlt, automatic translation in English:

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F-Droid video:


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